Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AT&T and Cisco have a unique telepresence joint offer.

There are two unique features of the AT&T/Cisco telepresence solution offers over other solutions are:

  1. AT&T offers this as a fully managed service that includes all of the equipment as part of the solution. This means there is minimal "up-front" equipment costs to commit to.
  2. The AT&T Business Exchange offers interconnectivity between any two endpoints on the AT&T Telepresence network. The way that telepresence has been offered in the past requires that the business be fully responsible for the supporting "mpls" network that undergirds the quality of the solution. This means that a business could insure the quality of the connectivity between their own locaitons, but they were essentially "locked" into their own network. This makes the telepresence solution more valuable, since many more site locations are avaialable on this network.

Below is short video with two executives from AT&T and Cisco discussing this breakthrough offer.

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