Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How AT&T Saved My Presentation

I have noted in my profile that I work for AT&T, so that I am proud of my company should come as no surprise.  However, now and then something happens that makes me especially proud and this past week, I had one of those experiences.

Last Thursday, I was working from my home office when we experienced a particularly nasty storm here in my home town near Alexandria, Virginia.  The storm tied up traffic with my wife and daughter taking hours to get home when it usually takes about 45 minutes, even with crazy beltway traffic.

As I was sitting here, I saw the lights flicker and eventually go out.  Yes, I had lost power.  The problem was, I was getting ready to present a live webinar to managers all across the world.  Without power, I would have had to rely on someone else or cancel the presentation.  At that moment, the fact that I not only worked for AT&T, but had AT&T service came in very handy.

I popped in my wireless card into my laptop, fired it up, got connected to our fastest in the industry 3G network, fired up my iPhone to connect to the call, and connected to our AT&T Connect web meeting platform.  My Dell computer had plenty of juice, so I was good to go.

Connecting to the network was simple and easy.  I had good speed and latency.  Download was 3.9mb/s Upload was 1.78 mb/s and latency was an acceptable 167 ms.  So the connection was fast, reliable and steady.  I then uploaded my 2mb file to the AT&T Connect platform and at 4PM welcomed my participants to the webmeeting.  All went well, even when the AT&T Connect had a bit of a hiccup.  One of the participants became the presenter momentarily and since I had given the presentation before, we kept on rolling without missing a beat.  I then reentered, took back control and finished the meeting on-time.

Without this, my group would have been clueless as to what happened to me and we would have had to cancel, then re-schedule the presentation. This kept everyone up, running and productive.

Once again, this incident reaffirmed for me why I am so proud of our terrific network.


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