Thursday, March 10, 2011

Response to Hotspot Analysis - CNET

Recently CNET provided their analysis of the new Hotspot feature on for the iPhone 4 on the AT&T network.  While the article was relatively fair, the speed test may have been unfair.

My Response….

Cnet HQs, could they be in the San Francisco area??????

If so, the complaints about speed of the network may not be entirely AT&T's fault and this issue may be industry wide.  California in general and San Francisco in particular is notorious for regulatory restrictions and permit processes that make it extremely difficult for the carriers to perform maintenance or upgrades.

I mean GET REAL folks!  Do you believe for a minute that AT&T would deliberately provide spotty service in the tech capital of the world with the largest concentration of bloggers?
Readers you MUST put pressure on your community leaders to being sanity to the regulatory environment.  Oh by the way, is it possible that those who are screaming the loudest at the carriers to improve the performance are the same people who are leading the charge against adding more cell sites????

If you want improved performance, you will need to direct at least a little of your ire at the community leaders who have constructed a regulatory and permit monster.  It may be ok for Verizon right now, but unless something is done, and soon, all of us will be singing the performance blues.


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