Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green telepresence to save Dimension Data time and travel costs

Datacraft, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dimension Data, has extended the Group’s telepresence footprint with the newly installed systems in its New York, London, Johannesburg, Singapore, Tokyo, Brisbane and Canberra offices.
The move is in line with the Dimension Data Group’s Green strategy to reduce employee travel globally, and increase accessibility of TelePresence to a broader audience in order to communicate and collaborate globally in real time.
Andy Cocks, Solutions and Strategic Alliance Director at Datacraft said: “We expect to cut travel costs among the Group’s senior management alone to between 15% and 20% – and that’s without comprising crucial, real-time, face-to-face contact which makes for successful leadership.”
Cocks said Datacraft has been successfully using telepresence to communicate between their Singapore and Tokyo offices. “In fact, we have even conducted job interviews as well as internal review meetings via telepresence.”

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